Here is some music I have made.  Rabbi Nachman of Breslov says that music is what the universe sounds like.
A lot of this is an attempt to make musical reactions to some spiritual ideas, particularly the kabbalistic ones. All of these are pretty experimental. Just click on the play button for any track. They will take a minute or two to load.

I have a number of songs here, too:

I have a few more at this site:

Ambient and Rhythmic:

This is very ambient and meditative:

This is a new track I created based on a Yemenite Hebrew Poem.
It is called Enlighten the Darkness

This is a very rhythmic track based on a Yemenite Shabbat song.
This is the Day (Zehu Yom)

This is an abstract hip hop remix of Psalm 23

This is an ambient and rhythmic track based on Psalm 116.

This is my interpretation of a Psalm from the Hallel service. “Open for me the gates of righteous, and I will enter within them.

This is a drum & bass approach to Shir HaMaalot, the Psalm we sing before the grace after meals, the birkat hamazon.

Drum & Bass is a very fast and aggressive style of music that is a somewhat refined offshoot of jungle and breakbeat.

I thought it would be interesting to pair the very emotional words of Psalms with an equally intense modern style of music.

This is a three minute meditative piece.
West of Eden

This is Psalm 23 in dubhop style. It is kind of loud and noisy, but I think it captures some of the feel of the Psalm.

This one is good for taking a quick and relaxing, but energizing break from the day.

Wind on a Frozen Pond

This is my take on Psalm 116. It is part of the Hallel service.
Kol HaAdam Kozev

Im Eshkachech

I made all of these on my computer. If you would like to know how I did them, I would be more than happy to talk to you.

2 Replies to “Music”

  1. sounds like an unknown and unfamiliar sounds to me — at least to my ears—
    I listen to Classical music–e.g. Mendelsohn. Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, Grieg, etc., I also love Jazz. Love to hear from you and to find out how this music is made by electronic means sound to you and in lieu of Classics.

  2. Dear Rabbi Bergman:

    Your music is very comforting–much improvement from tha past which to me had no meaning–however, West of Eden sounds are terrific –Thank you.

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