photo 3These are all in my office. You are welcome to come by and see them.

Click on a thumbnail to enlarge.

photo 4photo 2 (1)photo 3 (1)


I tend not to title my paintings, and just let them express themselves.

10 Replies to “Paintings”

  1. Wonderful and beautiful and thank you for sharing them! Your heartfelt thanks for being our Rabbi were very tender in the recent Voice, and we are blessed to have you as our teacher and guide!

  2. Rabbi,
    These are very good. A few of them are really intriguing and beautiful. I’ll have to come by and take a closer look.
    I didn’t realize we have a Chagall in our midst. Thanks for sharing.
    Arnie Goldman

  3. You bring so much to our Shul. You understand how to touch people’s hearts and to make them feel – this is a wonderful quality and you are a great talent- Know that you are one of my heros,

  4. I’m amazed how you bring humor and a unique
    relativity from the parasha to contempory life!
    The suprise is how fast you “nail” it! Yasha Koach

  5. Like the mediation plans for Sunday morning….its a long way to drive, but I feel a good connection, …..especially the Creating Spiritual Practice sessions

  6. I am inspired by the tree. I read an article about humanistic psychology, and the Tree of Souls. Assuming, the foundations of a Jewish Tree of Life, pertains to the roots of birth and growth, then extends somewhat spirituality with age, into a broader scope of committed faith and halachic practice, I wonder what other artists attempt this strong challenge illustrating such a tree? Could or does this inspired your tree illustrations? I don’t know the answers to this by the way. And I still drive the long distance to a few conservative Adat Shalom events, I can’t find other places. AND I WOULD LOVE ANY ANSWERS YOU HAVE AS WELL.

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