Introductory ideas

In this blog I will mostly share my favorite teachings from our tradition, and hopefully show why they still have profound things to show us. From time to time I will bring in teachings from other traditions that have helped me understand Judaism better.

This will not really be about politics or current events, though I am interested in thinking through the potential long-term consequences of some of the issues we are dealing with at the moment.  I will, however, add some links from time to time that give a range of opinions. I may not necessarily agree with them, but it is usually better to get information straight from the source and make an informed opinion, as opposed to getting it second or third hand.

I believe we are in one of the most exciting times to be Jewish. Exciting in terms of new possibilities. Exciting in terms of uncertainty. We are in a moment of huge transition caused by the two most cataclysmic events in thousands of years of Jewish history occurring within a decade of each other, namely the Holocaust and the establishment of the State of Israel. This has caused so many people to think about what it means to be Jewish and how to live Jewishly in a thoughtful manner. Reflex and nostalgia are no longer compelling, nor should they be.

I am not completely sure where we are heading as a people, but I think history will look back on us as the generations that maintained a powerful and meaningful Judaism, one that embraced the best this whole world has to offer, while at the same time bringing our light to the rest of the world.

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