A really loud and fast version of Shir HaMaalot

This is a new track I created. It is a drum & bass approach to Shir HaMaalot , the Psalm we sing before the grace after meals, the birkat hamazon.

It is a pretty different approach than one normally hears, but
I thought it would be interesting to pair the very emotional words of Psalms with an equally intense modern style of music.

Drum & Bass is a very fast and aggressive style of music that is a somewhat refined offshoot of jungle and breakbeat.

Purim, Havdallah and finding joy within the darkness-hamakOhm this Sunday Morning, March 13th

At this Sunday’s session of hamakOhm we will discuss why the havadallah service that ends every Shabbat has its roots in Purim and the Book of Esther. It will help us bring some of the joys of Shabbat into our most difficult times.

As always, there will be a little singing, some tips on chanting, and if we are lucky, some coffee.

This Sunday, March 13th at 9:15 am at Adat Shalom. Everyone is welcome, regardless of background and experience, including first timers. All that is required is an openness to having an open heart.

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