Hamakohm-A New/Old approach to spirituality begins this Sunday




The Place to Reconnect and Recharge your Soul

hamakohm will be an hour filled with new and old approaches to prayer, music and meditation. This will be a laboratory for the creation of new and innovative ideas, as well as a place to revive ancient spiritual approaches.

This program is for anyone who is seeking to enrich their sense of personal Jewish spirituality within the context of a wonderful community. No knowledge of Hebrew is required, just an open heart and mind.

hamakOhm will meet on Sunday mornings at Adat Shalom Synagogue beginning in October. We will start at 9:15 am. Sessions will be facilitated by Rabbi Aaron Bergman, Rabbi Rachel Shere and Hazzan Gross, and last an hour.

October sessions are 10/3 and 10/17.  We will meet in the social hall.There is no charge.

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