A really loud and fast version of Shir HaMaalot

This is a new track I created. It is a drum & bass approach to Shir HaMaalot , the Psalm we sing before the grace after meals, the birkat hamazon.

It is a pretty different approach than one normally hears, but
I thought it would be interesting to pair the very emotional words of Psalms with an equally intense modern style of music.

Drum & Bass is a very fast and aggressive style of music that is a somewhat refined offshoot of jungle and breakbeat.

5 Replies to “A really loud and fast version of Shir HaMaalot”

  1. Not my cup of tea, coffee, wine, or anything else that one could drink. I liked the hiphop or the rap that you played for us during the Lunch and Learn sessions MUCH better. Thanks anyway Rabbi. Have a good Sabbath.

    1. Doreen,

      Thank you for listening. I have made a lot of other tracks on my site that might be more palatable.

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