Unhardening your Heart-How to be more like Moses and Miriam and less like Pharaoh. This Sunday morning,3/18, at Adat Shalom

Challenges in life can sometimes harden us more than is healthy. We become cynical. We avoid certain people and situations or even just truths about ourselves, because we just don’t want to deal with them. We cannot avoid them forever. Big family holidays, such as Passover, are often where a lot of the things that make us uncomfortable converge.

We will talk about, and do a guided meditation, on how to open and soften our hearts, and still feel safe and happy, especially as Passover approaches. We will discuss ways of actually enjoying each aspect of Passover, including the matzah.

Our session is this Sunday, 3/18, at 11 am at Adat Shalom. Everyone is invited. This is part of the larger hamakOhm series, but you did not have to attend the earlier sessions to come to this, or any in the future.

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