How to make those in your life into happier, kinder and better adjusted people-This Sunday 9:30am at Adat Shalom

All of us know people who never seem to be happy or satisfied with anything, and who make sure we know it. There are a few simple things we can do that could have a surprisingly positive impact on them, maybe even without their knowing.

If nothing else, we can learn to be around them in a better way.

We will study texts and techniques that will help us be less reactive in difficult situations, and more compassionate to those who create those challenges.

We will meet this Sunday morning, 6/2, at Adat Shalom at 9:30am. Everyone is invited. There is no charge.

Here are some of the texts we will look at. They are from Pirkei Avot, the Ethics of our Sages.

Hillel said: Be of the disciples of Aaron, loving peace and pursuing peace, loving your fellow creatures and bringing them close to the Torah.

Shammai said: Make your study of the Torah a fixed habit. Say

little and do much, and receive all people with a cheerful face.

Shimon ben Gamliel said: All my days have I grown up among the

wise and I have not found anything better for a person than

silence. Studying Torah is not the most important thing rather

fulfilling it. Whoever multiplies words causes sin.

Rabbi Nechunya ben Hakanah said: Whoever takes upon himself

the yoke of Torah, from him will be taken away the yoke of

government and the yoke of worldly care; but whoever throws

off the yoke of Torah, upon him will be laid the yoke of

government and the yoke of worldly care.

Rabbi Jacob said: If a person walking by the way and is studying

and then interrupts that study and says: “How fine is this tree?”

or “How fine is this ploughed field?” Scripture regards that

person as in forfeit of life.

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