Some Quiet Music for the End of The Week

Yiddish is becoming one of the languages of the world musical underground. It is being used by European avant garde and metal groups such as Gevolt and Dibbukim. I am experimenting with creating some modern approaches to Yiddish music that incorporate traditional poems and songs with contemporary melodies and rhythms.

This is my first attempt. I created and recorded all the music. The vocals are by Rahel Jaskow. It is pretty ambient and downtempo.

The painting is mine, too.

One Reply to “Some Quiet Music for the End of The Week”

  1. Interesting Tones for end of busy week into Shabbat, a time of Peace and Reflection, Prayer and Joyfulness. Yiddish is nice, even spoken, rather than sung. Thx for sharing! You are an artistic soul.

    Shabbat Shalom! I wish you much enjoyment and success tonight (and tomorrow night) with Yisrael Campbell.


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